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Target : Mobile

The world is going mobile, and there's a growing demand for always-on tools that provide immediate satisfaction. While web distribution makes perfect sense for guests researching vacations well in advance, HotelTonight's all-mobile platform allows you to reach the increasing number of guests who are choosing to be more spontaneous about their decisions.

We don’t compel you to discount your rates, but instead give you flexibility and a safe environment to experiment with same-day discounts when it makes sense. That’s because our display is personalized for each user, and it changes daily. No one can predict which hotels will be on display, and your offer is only shown to those most likely to respond.

Simple Tools:
Anywhere, Anytime

Stay 100% in control, 100% of the time with the world’s simplest inventory management tools. Every inventory and rate change you make on HotelTonight takes effect instantly, with ingenious tools like a one-click closeout button and a one-click rate change button.

We even built you the world’s first 100% mobile extranet, so you can manage your account straight from your phone – wherever you are, whenever you need access.

  • The extranet is super easy to manage and since a guest can only book the day of, there is no concern of displacement. That’s a win/win!


    Director of Revenue
    Washington, DC
  • Hotel Tonight has transformed the last minute reservations market, and has proven effective for our properties when we've been unable to sell rooms directly. Additionally, their customers are inline with our demographic and often generate brand loyalty overall.


    VP of Room Sales and Marketing
    Los Angeles
  • The limited number of hotels featured daily along with the simplicity for both hotels and users make it a great alternative to other mobile sites.


    Director of Revenue
    New York
  • We have been very pleased with our partnership with HotelTonight and have seen same day bookings increase by double digits!


    Director of Revenue
    San Francisco
  • I have found that HotelTonight is not reselling me travelers that I had already had in my doors before...The site will display your hotel in an attractive way and sell itself when only competing against 2 other hotels for that date.


    Director of Revenue